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  • Potential and effects of environmental (natural and anthropogenic) hazards;
  • Intrinsic vulnerability and risk of built environment;
  • Elements for:
    • Disaster-free spatial and master urban planning and development;
    • Emergency, crisis management and relief planning;
    • Disaster preparedness;
    • Post-disaster damage and loss assessment, recovery and re-development;
    • SAR and (HU)SAR engineering and relief;
    • Implementation of non-invasive in-citu testing methods and procedures for advanced assessment of vulnerability, operational safety and monitoring of essential facilities, physical and social lifelines’ and urban utility systems and components;
    • GIS oriented ITs’ on archiving, mapping, presentation and visualization of data acquired and results derived;
    • Legislation environment for long term consistent implementation of state of the-art know‑how in risk and disaster risk reduction and mitigation, urban planning, architectural and engineering design and construction.