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Geophysical Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped for specialized field measurements in engineering seismology and geophysics, such as seismic refraction, reflection and direct illumination surveys, measurement of micro seismic noise ond geoelectrical resistivity. It provides technical logistics for the activities in the field of Seismology, Geophysics and Ecology as well as data needed for the other departments of the Institute.

The laboratory is also equipped for seismic field investigations involving hole testing, seismic tomography surveys, surface wave methods, registration and analysis of micro tremors and seismic action from blasting.

SoilSpy Rosina
is the hardware and software concept of multichannel digital system for all active and passive seismic surveys.
More information at Tromino

Abem Terraloc Mark 3 – conventional 12 channel seismograph

Tromino – is a high-resolution all-in-one system for passive and active seismic surveys and vibration monitoring…