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Soil Dynamics Laboratory

This laboratory provides data on soil dynamic properties necessary for determining the dynamic strength and stability of soils, the soil liquefaction potential and the soil-structure interaction. In  cooperation with the other laboratories of the Institute, it performs in-situ testing of foundations and foundation models and other specific tests in the field of soil and foundation dynamics. Dynamic testing of large models (earth dams and/or soil-structure arrangements) is performed on the DYNLAB’s shaking tables and related equipment.

Location : IV block, 1st floor, see map
Contact : tel. : 389-2-3107765, 389-2-3107714
e-mail :

Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus – CSSA
Solid state machine, reliable operation, simulation of earthquake conditions, shearing in a wide range of strain. Cyclic shear test device (two soil sample cells, excitation generator, hydraulic pump, PC driven system for control, measurement and recording, control system for data processing, accessories). ….CSSA-SDL-IZIIS.pdf

Characteristic output, results

Advanced Static and Dynamic Tri axial System 31-Wf7050
Advanced static and dynamic tri-axial system for soil testing. Three axes control system, application of any type of dynamic loading, user defined, automatic volume change measurements, on sample transducers – local strain measurements …Technical features

Characteristic output, results

Laminar Container (SHEAR BOX)
Laminar box for shaking table testing on geo-structures. It allows free movement of soil along the transverse cross section (one dimensional shaking). Amplification, liquefaction and cyclic mobility phenomenon, excess pore water pressure generation and dissipation rates can be investigated…Laminar box-SDL-IZIIS