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Strong Motion Laboratory

In order to provide permanent maintenance of the installed network and processing of the obtained strong motion records, the IZIIS Strong Motion Laboratory was established and it is presently part of the Department for Natural and Technological Hazards and Ecology. It enables maintenance of the National Strong Motion Instrument Network, collection, processing and archiving of recorded strong motion data as well as maintenance of instruments installed on engineering structures of capital importance in the country and the region.It was established in 1972 in order to  organize and maintain the strong motion network of former Yugoslavia. Today, Its main activity is maintaining the Macedonian Strong Motion Network and some local seismic monitoring networks on dams in BiH and Montenegro.In more than 40 years of operation, there have been collected over 1200 strong motion records of earthquakes with magnitudes 3<M< 7.2, resulting from near and distant seismic sources, in different soil conditions (bedrock and soil deposit) and on different types of structures.

Ambient vibration
Ranger Seismometers model: SS-1; manufacturer: Kinemetrics; Natural Period: 1s; generator constant 340 V/m/s; Signal conditioner model: SC-1; HP Signal Analyzer; System is supported by OME

Force vibrations
(Dynamic Full Scale Testing of Structures)Two synchronized generators with a capacity of +/- 24.5kN; type of excitation: harmonic; operating principal resonant method; frequency range: 0.5-9.4Hz; supported by OME
Shaker with a capacity of 100kN and frequency range of 2.0-40.0Hz; Precise Amplidynes for control, supported by OME

Custom On Site Measurement Services
The Laboratory produces field measurement applications tailored according to the customers’ needs. We are strongly committed to quality and providing customers with innovative and value added construction solutions.