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Competition 2017/2018 (PDF)

Eligibility of candidates
The candidates should have completed master studies from related technical faculties and should have at least 300 credits according to the ECTS.
If the candidate has a diploma on acquired academic degree of Master of Science with less than 300 credits, he/she should have to pass additional examinations.

Cost of doctoral studies
The total amount of financial resources for attendance and accomplishment of the doctoral studies is 4500 euros (the expenses related to research are not included in the price).

Application documents

  • Letter with submitted documents
  • Fill out standard form for application for IZIIS doctoral studies
  • Brief CV
  • Evidence on completed corresponding education – copies of diplomas (both with grades obtained per individual subjects ) in English language and certified by a notary public
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Evidence on active knowledge of the English language
  • Rationale on the motivation for enrollment in doctoral studies
  • Other relevant documents

The documents are to be submitted to M.Sc. Jasmina Stankova in the IZIIS’ premises (

Full program
See the full program at this link

Additional information
Information regarding the doctoral studies can be obtained at,
tel. no. +389 2 3107 701 or through contacting:

Prof. Dr. Roberta Apostolska (
Assist. Prof. Dr. Marija Vitanova (

For legal and administrative issues:
M. Sc. Jasmina Stankova (