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  1. Geotechnical earthquake engineering
    • Evaluation of local seismic site effects
    • Liquefaction analysis
    • Seismic soil-structure interaction
    • Design of soil improvement methods
    • Qualitative and quantitative geo-hazard analysis and microzonation of seismic geotechnical hazards (GIS)
    • Evaluation of landslide potential risk
    • Implementation of advance numerical programs in the field of geotechnical engineering
    • Developing of modules and software code for solving specific needs in engineering practice
    • Evaluation of seismic design parameters and effects of local ground conditions for nuclear power plants, dams and other special structures
  2. Laboratory static and dynamic testing
    1. Element tests
      • Drained and undrained monotonic triaxial testing
      • Drained and undrained cyclic triaxial testing
      • Monotonic and cyclic loading on direct simple shear test apparatus
      • Stress-strain-strength property identification of soil samples
      • Development and improvement of technical regulations
    2. Shaking table tests
      • Laminar container (2.0 x 1.0 x 1.8 m)