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Consultancy and services

  1. Design of safety, sustainable and environmentally friendly geotechnical structures
    • Evaluation of seismic design parameters including local site effects
    • Foundation design and assessment of foundation stability of existing structures
    • Retaining structures and protection of deep construction pits
    • Slope stability analysis of natural and man-made slopes
    • State of the art soil laboratory testing facilities
    • Advance modeling and analysis of Soil Structure interaction
    • Evaluation of site potential for liquefaction
    • Mitigation measures against liquefaction
    • Zonation of geo-hazards in GIS environment
  2. Complete management of project documentation and construction process
    • Revision of technical documentation for newly designed geotechnical structures (professional state licenses for Geotechnics)
    • Review of Geotechnical reports (professional state licenses for Geotechnics)
    • Implementation of the highest standards (EC7, EC8 , DIN, JGS, ASTM, BS)
    • Supervision of geotechnical investigations, excavations, foundation construction, soil improvement, construction of protection and retaining structures, etc.