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Macedonia Strong Motion Network

Different types of instruments for registration of strong motions are located in all the regions of Macedonia characterized by pronounced seismic activity and are installed on various types of structures – dams, bridges, tall buildings, industrial plants, administrative and educational buildings providing continuous monitoring of the seismic activity.

fig-mreza instrumenti-mk

Stron Motion Macedonia

Type of instruments Number
accelerographs type SMA-1 99
episensors ES-T with K-2 recorder 4
quake data recorder QDR 4
accelerometers type SSA-320 with GNC-CR12 recorder 6
accelerometers type MS2002 + with MR2002-SM AC 16 recorder 8
accelerometers type ES-T with GRANIT recorder 16
seismoscopes WM-1 61
accelerometers GURALP CMG-5TD 13


Table 1 Distribution of instruments

Location Accelerographs
On bed rock 9
On characteristic soil 16
On structure 104
Total 129
Table 2 Instrumented structures

Structures Number of instruments
Buildings 32
Dams 52
Bridges 20
Total 104