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The present Institute has 82 staff members, out of whom 73 are employed on a full-time basis and 9 are employed on a part-time basis (see the table below). 24 employees are doctors and 9 are masters of science, 17 are with university (B.Sc.) diploma, 28 are with a secondary school diploma (a total of 12 years of education) and 4 are with elementary school diploma (a  total of  8 years of education)

[table] Professional Profile/
Education LevelPh.DM.Sc.B.Sc.H.Sch.E.Sch.TotalIZIIS ActivityProfessors8    8Education(27)R & D, (55)TotalAssociate Professors3    3Assistant Professors8    8Senior Teaching Assistants 7   7Junior Teaching Assistants 1   1Scientific Councilors2    2 Scientific Collaborators3    3 Senior Research Engineers  5  5 Junior Research Engineers  7  7 Technicians   11 11 Administration 158 14Administration& Services (27)Services (Maintenance Security, Catering, etc.)   9413Total2491728482275582Ph.D. = Doctor of Sciences Diploma; M.Sc. = Master of Science Diploma; B.Sc. = University Diploma;H.Sch. = High (4 years) School Diploma; E.Sch. = Elementary (8 years) School Diploma[/su_table]

The education and training activity of the Institute is organized by 27 staff members out of whom 19 are with Ph.D. and 8 are with M.Sc. diploma. In total, 55 (68%) IZIIS staff members are involved in scientific and applied research as well as consulting activity; out of whom, 24 have Ph.D. diploma, 8 have M.Sc.diploma, 12 have B.Sc. diploma and 11 have secondary school degrees in technical and earth sciences, or are graduated civil engineers, geologists, electrical engineers and physicists.

The Administration and Services Department of IZIIS employs a total of 27 (32%) staff members, out of whom one is with M.Sc. degree, 5 are with university diploma, 17 are with secondary school diploma and 4 are with elementary school diploma. The highly educated administrative staff is represented by lawyers, economists and philologists.