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Master Studies

  • Why should I choose IZIIS for my master studies?
    The master studies at IZIIS have a very long tradition. These have so far enabled training for master degree of many students from the country and abroad. The curricula of these studies have constantly been improved and updated in accordance with the world developments in the education process in this field. Most of the teaching staff of the Institute have themselves been trained at world renowned centers at one time or another and are highly qualified and recognized worldwide. The institute is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment and laboratories so that the students can acquire not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. The studies have been of an international character and have been carried out in English language since their early start. They have been harmonized with the Bologna Declaration and the ECTS system.
  • What knowledge will I gain?
    The studies will provide education that will enable the graduates use the most recent methodologies of seismic design, repair and strengthening of buildings. They will be able to define the vulnerability to seismic effects of all types of engineering structures and use current seismic codes in their design practice. In addition, they will be able to assess the risk pertaining to earthquake disaster, manage it and find solution for its mitigation.
  • What program can I choose?
    The IZIIS master studies are aimed at creation of high quality scientific and expert staff in the field of earthquake engineering and engineering seismology. They are organized in two majors with their specific programs.
Full Pogram (pdf)
СП-2018 Преглед на заменски предметни наставници – втор циклус
Одлуки за заменски предметни наставници за втор и трет циклус на студии
Procedure of submittal of a proposal for elaboration of master thesis (docx)
Постапка за пријава на магистерски труд (docx)
Урнек-пријава за изработка на магистерски труд (docx)
Important decisions for students enrolled in old study programmes (2005 – 2013)
Info about participation of the retired professors at the second cycle
Информација за учество на пензионирани професори во втор циклус
Odluka za zamenski predmeten nastavnik za vtor ciklus studii-Radmila Shalic