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Doctoral Studies


Why doctoral studies at IZIIS?
IZIIS has also a very long tradition of organizing international doctoral studies. IZIIS provides high quality mentorship and modern laboratories for elaboration of doctoral theses. The mentors of the candidates are world recognized experts in various disciplines of earthquake engineering and provide high quality guidance to Ph. D. candidates. In addition, the candidates have access to sophisticated equipment in the IZIIS laboratories. All this provides excellent conditions for elaboration of high quality doctoral theses.


  • Natural and Technological Hazards, Ecology with Strong Motion Laboratory
  • Building Structures and Materials – Design, Analysis and Testing
  • Engineering Structures
  • Risk, Disaster Management and Strategic Planning
  • Geotechnics and Special Structures with Laboratory for Soils and Foundations
  • Laboratory for Dynamic Tests and Informatics

Duration of the studies
The doctoral studies at UKIM – IZIIS last 3 years, i.e., 6 semesters, whereat the candidates acquire 180 credits.

Full Program (pdf)
СП-2018 Преглед на заменски предметни наставници – трет циклус
Одлуки за заменски предметни наставници за втор и трет циклус на студии