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Dynamic Testing Laboratory

The Dynamic Testing laboratory is part of the DYNLAB & INFO department. The primary testing facility in the laboratory is the two-component programmed seismic shaking table for dynamic testing of structures. The laboratory is also equipped with other two shaking tables, material testing frames, equipment for quasi-static testing, data acquisition, acceleration, velocity and displacement transducers. The laboratory is equipped for field measurements, as well.

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Shaking Tables
The Dynamic Testing Laboratory has three seismic shaking tables each one with different capabilities for covering a wide range of structures and material tests.Their capabilities range from acceleration of 1g for loads of up to 400 kN – our biaxial shaking table, acceleration of up to 1 g for loads of up to 80kN – our medium size table and accelerations of up to 3g for loads of up to 5kN – our smallest shaking table.

Material Testing Frames
Our laboratory is equipped with three material testing frames for dynamic and static testing. Our major testing frame can apply a maximum of 3000 kN vertical test force, and a maximum of 1000 kN of horizontal test force. Dynamic testing of specimens with maximum 500x500x1500 mm can also be performed.

Quasi-static equipment
Multi component system for quasi-static testing of elements, connections and assemblages, having a capacity of : +/- 150kN; 120kN & 450kN with a maximum stroke of: +/-20.0cm and +/-30.0cm;

Field Measurements
The Laboratory can perform non-destructive testing of full scaled structures and equipment using ambient vibration and forced vibration methods.We are also equipped for on-site measurement of vibrations of machines and equipment.

Acquisition and measuring equipment
This equipment contains *MTS 469D Controller *PXI 1006 *cDAQ-9188 *cDAQ-9178 *Jäger ADwin-Pro, which is the most sophisticated and modern apparatus in the world.